Month: February 2020

It’s a New Groove for Me

Life is very interesting for me. I am an up and coming star in the music industry. I will become the greatest rapper in the world. I hard worked very hard to perfect my craft. I also write and produce my own music. A lot of artist do not have the ability or talent to do that. Recently, I was invited to an awards ceremony honoring rappers. I knew that I needed to make a big splash at the awards show to solidify my position. I needed an ebony Las Vegas girl on my arm for the big occasion. This could make or break my career.

My lyrics to my songs were heavily inspired by my experiences in life. I grew up in a very bad neighborhood. I was exposed to poverty every day. My parents had a hard time making ends meet. There were not a lot of financial opportunities in my neighborhood. My youth was A struggle. I was very tempted by the lure of fast money. My parents kept me on the straight a narrow path. They noticed my attraction to music. They invested into my career. I worked and became a successful rapper.

I did not have a date to the awards show. I needed one badly. I knew I could use this opportunity to boost my credibility in the rap game. I looked on the internet to find a beautiful, ebony escort to help me get what I wanted. I desired a woman that was beautiful and talented. She had to be intelligent as well. I saw one woman named Monique. She was the total package. I contacted her and was amazed with her pleasant voice.

When Monique and I walked the red carpet, everyone was stunned at us. We seemed like the perfect pair. … Read More ...