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How To Secure Your Gmail Account

Cyber is a kind of a big deal in present. Many hacking scandals or crippling malware attack are reported in daily basis. One form of cyber attack is ransom. Many ransom ware attack cases have being reported in large numbers. It is always advised to consider your Gmail security all the time if you want your account to be secured. All you have to do is just follow simple steps that are offered to secure your Gmail account all the time. You should create a strong password for your Gmail account for security purposes. Gmail password should be taken seriously because that where Gmail account security starts.

The best security for your Gmail account will start with a strong password. A good strong password will always avoid being compromised because it is a very big problem. With the right tool you can get hold your simple password and it is not difficult for you if you are motivated.

You are always advised to pick complex passwords and add numbers or symbols. All Gmail users are usually recommended to use complex passwords and add numbers or symbols when creating password for their account. You should choose well numbers when creating your Gmail account password not just picking numbers from anywhere.
You are always recommended to take several words and mix a few numbers and symbols to create a strong password. By mixing several words or phrase makes it much more difficult for your Gmail account to be hacked.

You should also make sure that you have not used the same password in multiple places in the internet. Your other accounts will become a toast if the hacker uses his or her experience to get access to one. Once you have created a strong password for your Gmail account, you can now set up 2-step verification. Setting up 2-step verification is an additional security of your account.
You will be able to access your Gmail account when you combine a code and password if you have successfully set up 2-step verification and this will give enough security for Gmail account.

This will happen each time you log in at a new location. You will always receive your Gmail code through a text message to your phone. It will make it tough for hackers to get an access in your Gmail account after 2-step verification. You should develop a habit of going through your account activity in Gmail to whether your account is still secured. Gmail account activity is another valuable tool that is usually used to secure you Gmail account all the time. You should make sure that you have an eye on activity in Gmail in your account and also watch any suspicious activity.