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Benefits of Dropified

Drop shipping is a major system used for many years in the business world. It involves the transfer of goods from a retailer to a wholesaler or another retailer and eventually to the customer It is a long process but a beneficial one especially to the customer. The benefit comes as a result of having the goods in the right hands before he can get them. It was not an easy task, but major developments have been introduced into the system. Introduction of dropified has come as a great relief in the business fraternity by bringing a new sense of convenience and ease.

One of the benefits of dropified application is that it makes works easier. A list of the purchased items is made by adding each needed item on the purchase folder. Manual counting is unheard off when using this application.

Dropified also cuts on the cost of middlemen. Middlemen are greatly involved in the process of business transaction and transfer of goods from different people in the supply chain. At times middlemen lead to additional costs of goods because they might charge extra cash for transport and also storage of the goods. Being an application, information transfer is made online. Fraud occurrence is not common when using the application. Making direct transactions face to face with the seller reduces the incidence of fraud. This is contrary to a case whereby other supply chain members make a transaction on your behalf. There is an added advantage of requesting for a clarification whenever there is a doubt. This is brought about by the open platform that both transactors are.

Use of dropified enables fast transactions to be executed. All this is attributed to the automaticity of this application. A display of the product feature appears once a make a click on the application. This minimises and saves time that could be used to find out more about the product. All this is as a result of the database present in the application file. In case a count is required on the goods purchased, the application does the counting. This makes no room for arithmetic mistakes.

Considering that the application has an ample storage space, it is possible to load multiple items. The items will include the prices and other features. It becomes a bog relieve to the wholesaler who needs to showcase all the items on one platform. Details such as shipping whereabouts are also available on dropified.

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