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Guide on How to Get Pay Stubs from an Employer

The essence of a pay statement is to show the amount of income a person earned in a particular period. The file will include the gross pay, deductions and the net pay. Usually, the employer is the one who prepares and keeps the pay stubs. Where you are working will impact on whether you get all your pay records without having to request for them. You may find yourself in a position where you need your pay stubs. Such as when renting an apartment the landlord when a request for your pay statements. For many individuals it is a challenge to acquire the pay records from the employer. Read more here to discover the steps to follow on how to get your pay records from the employer.

Knowing the state laws is the first thing to do when requesting your pay stubs from the employee. Different state have different laws relating to the labor market. Some states requires the employer to issue you with a paid stud after every period whereas others expect the company to maintain the records. Thus, you need to have a clear understanding of the law to know the steps to take to get the stud from the employer.

The second step is to contact the company’s human resource department. Usually this unit is tasked with keeping all records relating to the firm’s workers. The records are usually stored either in soft or hard copies. You need to confirm whether the department has all your pay statements by talking with the supervisor. Some employers will expedite your request to get the pay stubs while other can be slow. To know the next step to take you need to understand how the human resource department operates. You need to know how long it will take to receive the pay stubs from the employer.

The next step is to submit the necessary documents to get the pay stub from the employer. It is essential to find out the paperwork you need to fill. You will need to provide your details and sign the papers for the company to approve your request to get the pay stubs. It is important you fill the papers correctly. You should go through the paperwork again before you provide them to ensure there are no mistakes. The reason is to avoid errors that may delay the period it takes to get the pay stubs from the employer.

The law offers employees the provision to send a complaint if the employer denies their request for pay stubs. You need however to make sure you follow the above steps first before lodging the charge.

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