How to Beat a Hair Follicle Drug Test

The hair follicle drug test has been gaining in popularity over the older urine and blood tests that had been used in the United States in previous decades. This is largely because it is able to detect a longer history of use, is harder to beat, and is more reliable. However, hair drug tests still aren’t unbeatable.

Shave it Off

Some job applicants find that shaving their heads is the perfect way to beat a hair follicle test. Unfortunately, many labs are already onto this trick, and some of them will fail applicants if they cannot get at least a 90-day sample. Thankfully, there are other methods for beating these tests that are less likely to draw attention to themselves.

Abstain for 110+ Days

Most hair follicle tests are only effective for up to 110 days. That means those who are able to simply abstain from use for several months have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, job applicants aren’t always offered months of advanced notice that they will be tested, which makes this method impractical for many people.

Do-It-Yourself Detox

It is possible to strip THC and other drugs from hair using home cleaning regimens. Often the methods for stripping drug residue from hair are quite harsh on the user’s locks, though, so DIY methods may not be the best solution for those who love their hair and don’t want to see it damaged.

Proven Detox Products

Avoid drinks and pills designed for detoxing prior to urine and blood tests. While some of these products do work, they are not intended for use with hair follicle testing and will not be effective for that purpose. However, there are several detox shampoos that are designed specifically to strip THC and other drugs form the user’s hair without causing the kind of damage that DIY solutions often do.

Learn More Online

It’s a good idea to do a little bit of research about hair follicle testing and procedures prior to trying any new product that claims to offer an easy solution. After all, job applicants usually get just one chance to beat their drug tests, so any time spent researching the best way to do so is a good investment.