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Factors To take into consideration before you Test Your Mobile App.

Mobile Testing strategy is required to cover facets such as functionality, compatibility, provisioning, usability, security and a lot more . Testing is based on the function and kind of your program. Most of the people think that mobile apps only need functional testing . Now you know that there are other types of testing required. Below are some of the important elements to take into account while analyzing your program.

The first element is performance. Functionality has become the most known type of testing for any program. At the beginning of your project: you ought to receive your team to write test cases revolving around all the functionality of the app. The advantage of starting test case documentation early in the project is that it will help enhance understanding of the requirement and in addition, unearthing certain situations which in many instances would be ignored through the requirement gathering phase.

Usability is the other factor which needs to be seriously taken under consideration before you test your mobile program. First of all, you should ensure that everybody participating in the project comprehends the difference between user experience and user interface. In addition, testers must understand the user experience from different points of view like animation, gestures used, contextual execution of functionality and many more. Because of this, it is crystal clear that considering usability testing of the program before beginning the project is an essential component which should not be swept under the rug.

Automation is the other factor that should be taken very seriously. Most of the consumer based programs need thorough testing because the behaviour of each consumer varies from 1 scenario to the other. Besides manual testing, there are certain cases which aren’t able to be executed during manual testing but could be automated by scripting the test instances. Consequently, this will ensure that certain user interactions have been tested completely. Additionally, test scripts are used to perform stress testing.

Performance is another factor that shouldn’t be ignored. A program which is quicker than the remainder is generally preferred by customers compared to the ones which are unreliable and slow. The quicker the response of this program, the better. Performance optimization should be taken under consideration during the implementation of the program concerning optimizing the local caching, media loading and many more.

Battery drain is another important aspect that ought to be considered . Many smartphone users end up deleting apps from their phones because the apps consumed more battery compared to other apps. Therefore, it is important that sufficient steps are taken to avoid excess battery consumption . In order to sort this out; You should double check and confirm that the app isn’t running the place Services in the backdrop.

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