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Amazing Facts On Bovril Beef Extract.

In the world of beef stocks, Bovril is one of the most loved and preferred compared to other brands. The beef products from Bovril are made with utmost excellence. You can bet on the fact that what you will get as the consumer is only the best of the best. Bovril has been in existence for over a century giving the best standards of products in the market.

It’s origin is the UK but is now available in other parts of the world. John Lawson Johnston, the founder of this brand, invented the beef drink. It was later renamed Bovril in 1886 and as they say the rest is history. As the years went by and the popularity increased, the production of this product had to increase to meet the demand.

In the year 1966, Bovril launched a beef extract giving consumers a variety of tastes to choose from for casseroles and stews. A mixture of beef and yeast are what makes up the Bovril beef extract. It mostly popular among the Britons because it is originally their product. Because Bovril only offers the best products and tastes, you will love the Bovril beef extract. It is perfect for the cold weather being hot and meaty.

You are not limited to just one way of using the extract because you can have it as a hot drink or spread on toast. Just a spoonful of Bovril beef extract in a glass full of hot water is enough. Another way you can use this beef stock is by adding it to your dishes, it will give you a nice beefy stock that is thick and tasty.

The main ingredient of this beef extract is the beef stock which is made out of boiling beef and bones in water. Yeast is another major ingredient in the beef extract. Important to note also are the minor ingredients that bring out the taste, they are, corn starch, salt and flavorings.

It is important to note that there are may be some allergens including milk, wheat and mustard added in this beef extract. You don’t want to find yourself reacting badly after enjoying Bovril, so be warned. You can find this information in the ingredients list, so make sure to read before purchasing it.

This product Bovril beef extract has been beloved by many consumers since its launch in 1966. During those cold days, Bovril can be a good companion to keep you warm. It’s the best in beef stock and you can never go wrong with Bovril beef extract. With Bovril you are assured of feeding that beef craving without actually having to eat meat. No matter how many times you take Bovril, it will never bore you because of the assortment of flavors.

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